Installation under Windows XP

This text describes the driver installation for the DSP24, DSP24 MK II, DSP24 System III, DSP2000 C-Port and DSP3000 M-Port under Windows XP (WDM [1]) for all driver releases made after June / 2002. You can get latest drivers from the download section on the ST Audio webpage in a ZIP-file. Before you install the drivers, you need to make a few preparations:

Unzip the driver ZIP-file into a directory of your choice. In this example, the driver files are unzipped into the directory C:\TEMP\WDM.

If you are installing the drivers for the first time, you need to install the PCI-card in your computer before you boot up the system.

If you have already installed older drivers under Windows XP, you need to uninstall them:
- If you are currently using version 7.1.0928b5 of the driver, you need to uninstall the External Links software. Goto Control Panel > Add and Remove Programs and select the DSP24 entry. Then click on Remove and follow the instructions on screen.
- Launch DSP24INF.EXE (included in the driver ZIP-file, should be now in C:\TEMP\WDM), then click on Uninstall Drivers and follow the instructions on screen.
- The system will be rebooted after that.

If you have never installed older drivers but you have installed the PCI-card already in your system, please goto Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device-Manager. The card will be listed there as unknown PCI multimedia audio device. Delete this entry and then reboot the system.

Windows XP will detect the hardware after the reboot automatically a few seconds after the login and display the following screen:

Select Install from a list or a specific location (Advanced) and click Next.

On the next dialog, select Search for the best driver in these locations and make sure Include this location in the search: is checked. Type in C:\TEMP\WDM (the directory that contains the driver files) in the text box below above and click Next. Alternativly, you can click Browse and select the correct directory on your harddisk, then click Next.

On this dialog, make sure to select ST Audio DSP24/MKII WDM Audio System for the DSP24 and DSP24 MK II PCI-card driver. Do not select any of the other entries (very important!). Click Next. If you get a dialog box about a missing driver signature, you can ignore it and just select Continue installation. The driver files are now copied to your system. Once the installation is completed, the following dialog will be displayed:

Click Finish.

After the driver is installed ensure the installation worked by selecting Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Sound, video and game controllers (you might have to switch your Windows XP Control Panel to Classic View to get to the System applet directly). You should see the audiocard's device listed there. Highlight it and click on Properties. You should see the message This device is working properly. If so, congratulations are in order. You have successfully installed the drivers for your DSP24 series card under Windows XP. Now you should configure your inputs (e.g. from external boxes) inside the External Links [2] software.

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last updated: 10/21/2002 author: Claus Riethmüller

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